Ellis Island Casino – Enjoy a Taste of Italy on Your Vacation

Ellis Island Casino is very popular for its steak and seafood food and fine dining. When you are in the area, a visit to this lovely restaurant should not be a surprise, and there is a lot to do on your vacation too! Here are a few things you should know before dining.

ellis island casino menu

If you go to the Island Casino, you will notice the artistry that is featured. The menu is made from fresh food and local ingredients. You can also dine at the bar area for an evening of cocktails and appetizers.

If you want to enjoy your dinner, then you will need to go to the selection of entrees. The steaks and other foods are usually prepared using only the freshest cuts of meat. They can also be prepared with lean cuts of meat or processed meat that are low in fat.

The roast chicken and steak are offered for guests who do not eat beef. A beef goulash is offered, and it includes a red and green salad and two sides of choice.

For dessert, guests may choose from the island casino’s selections. They are all high in sugar and calorie content, so be sure to limit the calories. They are served with ice cream and other sweets. Be sure to bring lots of water with you if you have a diet.

To finish your meal, you may want to move on to the green table. This is where they serve their main course. You will find items like grilled salmon, ribs, pasta, and other delicious dishes that will please even the most discriminating taste buds.

Boca de Los Ageless is a wonderful establishment to end your trip. Itis located on the corner of Harvard Avenue and Pine Street, and it is famous for their excellent hamburgers. The menu includes all-beef hamburgers with a choice of fries, onion rings, and shakes.

The Martini Bar offers a selection of martinis and wines. In addition, there is a mixology bar where you can create your own martinis. When you are ready to say “hello” to your friends, you can dine with them here.

Martini Filled Pops is a unique flavor to any bar. They contain vodka, pineapple juice, and simple syrup. You can find them at the rooftop patio, or you can order them to be sent home.

Boca offers a variety of well known and respected restaurants such as the Forest Grill, Esquire, Giorgio’s Ristorante, and more. The menu is filled with southern Italian fare, including sandwiches, salads, and more. The dessert at Boca offers delicious desserts like chocolate dipped donuts and desserts.

Many of the restaurants offer game rooms and pool tables. Some of the popular games are mahjong, bingo, bocce ball, and more. Whether you want to play casino games or simply enjoy some sweet bites, you will find a great place to eat.